A feature length documentary about the video game franchise ‘Postal’ by developers Running with Scissors, exploring the company’s controversial 25 year long history and legacy.


Despised by the media and beloved by fans, the ‘Postal’ franchise is considered one of the most controversial video game series of all time.  Banned and black-listed by 13 countries the franchise also holds the title of one of the worst video games of all time which the developers ‘Running with Scissors’ have comically trademarked. 

The original ‘Postal’ and its sequel ‘Postal 2’ were both frequently mentioned in the media throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s for its excessive violence, offensive humor, and controversial content.  Spawning many expansion packs, sequels, spin-offs, and even a feature film over its 25 year existence,  the ‘Postal’ franchise is without a doubt one of the most bizarre stories in video game history.



Mike J.

Vince Desi

Jon Saint John

Uwe Boll

Carter Cruise

David Eddings

Larry Thomas

Zack Ward


Directors – Tad Sallee & Jason Sikorsky

Producers – Tad Sallee & Jason Sikorsky

Associate Producer – Mike Mazzella

Camera Operators – Bao Nguyen & Nicholas Watts

Art Director/VFX – Danny Adelman

Music – Dylan Mixer